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Creating a DH bike has today become the work of real specialists. As a brand, we can no longer be content with offering only one DH bike. The practice has diversified and now more and more parameters come into play. With regards to kinematics or wheel size, opinions are so divided that we must have the finesse to offer an entire range of DH bikes. 

Sophistication v Simplicity, Race v Park, SUPREME v FURIOUS? Well it's up to you to choose what will work best!
Downhill, a sport reserved for grown-ups? Teenagers? Surely not… At COMMENCAL, we have decided to offer the best for the kids. The hardest bit is designing the frames but that is what we know how to do! We live in the mountains and have no shortage of children and/or champions around to develop the best geometry. Harder still was finding, manufacturing and/or finding a supplier for the components for the frame; suitable suspension, wheels, tyres, cockpit... And after years of work, here’s the result! COMMENCAL became the must-have brand when it comes to kids who ride. From 20-inches (for children aged 5 or 6 years old) up to the ‘Junior’ model, the range is complete and the kids, parents and all those who see downhill as a beautiful sport for all to share simply love it.
In 2018, the clean lines of the FURIOUS do not change. The kinematics are modified to adapt to the new Metric standard. The suspension is therefore optimised; it strengthens the front/rear balance and brings even more comfort.

The simplicity of this bike will continue to delight those souls most dedicated to freeride but will also allow those who would like to go against the clock to express themselves freely on any DH track.

We recommend that you read the whole document.
Year after year our World Cup riders have inspired the design department to create the SUPREME. In 2015, the 4th version created a buzz with its HPP system. With the 4.2 versions, more improvements come with the evolution of the sport. 

We have a longer reach for more stability and grip but also a new one-piece rocker and a new contact system. Lighter, simpler & more resistant, this is exactly what we wanted.

Even if it is specifically developed for racing, the Essential model is no less enjoyable to ride. Let out the soul of the racer that sleeps within you.

We recommend that you read the whole document.
Since the beginning, through its network of riders, COMMENCAL has very much been involved in competition. Using cutting-edge technologies for performance is a kid’s dream! Whatever the race, time is normally the main issue and for this, nothing must be left to chance.

Recently, wheel size has become an additional parameter to consider when adapting a bike to the rider. 27.5’’ or 29’’, it’s up to you. We offer the SUPREME DH in both wheel sizes as we believe this choice is in uflenced by the rider’s size, riding style and preferences. In fact the 2017 World Cup season demonstrated exactly that.

Our 29er frame has been specifically designed for 29’’ wheels and has been tested throughout the season by our World Cup riders. Amaury Pierron’s run at Val Di Sole showed us that we were on the right track and the frame is now ready to be marketed.

Work has been done so that the chassis provides even more grip and rolls over anything in its path without losing speed, obviously thanks to the large wheels but also to our HPP system and the related geometry. It’s a bike that finds it easy to make up speed in rough areas all with unparalleled stability. It’s trademark: speed.

We recommend that you read the whole document.