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The SUPREME DH V4 is built around the HPP system,
a high suspension pivot point that allows the rear wheel to move backwards upon taking impacts.
The results? Unmatched grip and suspension efficiency.

Its a system acclaimed by our racers and one which has won many World Cups.
DH is a demanding and intricate sport. That's why we offer the SUPREME in 27.5 and 29-inch wheels.
Each have their advantages and they each retain the character traits of the SUPREME DH V4,
a bike made to go fast and generate speed in the rough areas of the track.

The SUPREME DH 27 is dynamic, comfortable in the steeps and gives pride of place to handling.

Here we present you the SUPREME DH 27. To learn more about the SUPREME DH 29, click here.


Lets talk tech... On account of the main high pivot point (HPP) and the rear wheel movement,
in order to keep good dynamism and speed, we use an idler to guide the chain closer to the main pivot point.

We can control the anti-squat and the kickback of the platform.
The SUPREME DH V4 combines the best of both worlds with a high anti-squat value that is synonymous with pedalling efficiency, plus less kickback.
The suspension of the bike works more freely and the rider tires less through rough sections.

The progressiveness curve of the bike means the bike filters small shocks and bumps well all with excellent grip when cornering.
Mid-race, this progressivity provides welcome support to generate speed.

- Fully revised rocker construction for added strength and stiffness.
- The rocker shock axle diameter is now 10 mm. This helps strengthen the axle and combined with an alloy insert, it prevents loosening.

- A frame specifically developed for bigger wheels.

- Extended Reach.

- Progressivity curve remodelled to provide more support and grip and to avoid violent bottom outs. 205 mm of travel.

- Metric Standard.

- Enduro Bearings.

- New brake caliper mount: The caliper position has been optimised and designed to work together with a 200 mm disc. The rear wheel axle is tightened with a pinch-bolt to prevent loosening.


The geometry is modern and features a long reach to bring stability to a bike that can go very fast!

Seat Tube Length 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Seat Tube Angle 66 66 66
Head Tube Angle 63,5 63,5 63,5
Head Tube Length 108 mm 118 mm 118 mm
Wheel Base 1222 mm 1247 mm 1267 mm
Top Tube Length 600 mm 625 mm 657 mm
Chainstay Length 425 mm 425 mm 425 mm
BB Height -5 mm -5 mm -5 mm
Fork Length 590 mm 590 mm 590 mm
Reach 430 mm 455 mm 480 mm
Stack 614 mm 622 mm 622 mm